Why Now Is the Right Time to Invest in a UPS System

November 12, 2022
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November 12, 2022 bclpower

The Committee on Climate Change has cautioned that an increase in power outages is imminent due to the UK’s growing dependence on electricity. Currently, around 20 percent of the United Kingdom’s energy comes from electricity but by 2050 this may grow to as much as 65 percent.

The Committee’s report stated that future outages will have a greater impact as a result of decarbonisation and the switch away from fossil fuels. It also warns that climate change could increase the severity and number of storms and floods in the UK, which could potentially leave thousands without power.

Increased Risk of Power Outages in the UK

The CCC report found that there is an increased risk of power outages comparable to those seen in August 2019. In that event, sparked by a lightning strike on an electrical circuit, more than a million people were affected. Many were left stranded as transport networks came to a standstill.

“These risks will become more common and more damaging as our dependence on electricity grows and the variability of our weather increases.”

Climate Change Committee Independent Assessment Report

The Challenge for Business Owners

With so much uncertainty surrounding energy supplies, the situation is challenging if you own a business. But one thing you can count on is that power outages will happen! That’s why having a reliable backup power supply in place is so crucial.

The Importance of UPS Systems

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical system that provides backup power to your critical infrastructure during a power outage. A UPS Power Supply is a must to any business as you can never be sure when even a small power fluctuation could happen.

Ensuring that vital operations such as payment processing and telecommunications are not interrupted. When installed correctly, a UPS system will also protect against damaging surges and sags caused by voltage fluctuations.

Benefits of an Uninterruptible Power Supply

There are many benefits to having an Uninterruptible Power Supply  installed in your business:

  • Protect productivity by preventing downtime during power outages
  • Prevent data loss due to sudden power surges or spikes
  • Keeps sensitive electronic equipment like servers online so they don’t have to be shut down manually during power failures
  • Guard against financial loss
  • Protect equipment from costly damage

The Right UPS System for Your Business

When you’re choosing a UPS system, it’s important to consider both the size and type of business you run. If your company only deals with small amounts of data, then you don’t need as much backup power as an organisation that handles significant amounts of data every day.

If your company relies on a lot of industrial computers to run operations (like a manufacturing plant), then you’ll need more backup power than if your business is mostly computer-based (like an office).

Backup Power

The type of backup power supply you require will again depend on the size and type of your business. We partner with some of the world’s leading manufacturers so we can design and install the perfect UPS System for any kind of business or organisation.

BCL Power

We are a leading provider of cost-effective backup power solutions and our trusted team can design exactly the right solution for your business.

Call 01908 607548 today to learn more about our UPS Systems!

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