New Celltron Advantage Firmware

Calling all Midtronics Stationary Power Celltron Advantage (CAD) users, new firmware is now available! To ensure your tester is up to date, please click here. Celltron Advantage Firmware: Current Version Rev. H Posted 6/13/18 UPDATES INCLUDE EHANCEMENTS: Added ability to scan/display battery temperature Added ability to edit battery temperature Enhanced Temperature capture test flow for

Midtronics Stationary Power joins Franklin Electric

Midtronics Stationary Power has been acquired by Franklin Electric, see the following article for full details: 'Franklin Electric Co., Inc. announced today that it has completed the purchase of the assets of Midtronics Stationary Power Division (SPD), an Illinois corporation, specializing in designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of stationary battery testing and monitoring equipment used

We Are Hiring – UPS Field Service Engineer

BCL Power are now seeking to recruit a home based Field Service Engineer for UPS & Battery application working nationwide. The role will include; PPM Visits, start-up and commissioning, emergency support, new Installations, battery testing, battery builds, decommissions, load testing, Desirable 3-5 years UPS experience Installation & Maintenance. Experience of three and single-phase UPS systems. A field service

Product Focus: Midtronics Stationary Power CELLTRON Smart Cable

Battery management and testing is critical for maintaining power integrity for telecom networks, data centers, and utility transmission and distribution systems. The SMART CABLE SYSTEM provides a simple means for ensuring a reliable and consistent test connection (regardless of technician experience), reduced error and re-work, and a method for transferring and keeping critical battery data

Product Focus: Midtronics Stationary Power CELLGUARD GEN-3

Learn more about the Midtronics Stationary Power CELLGUARD SYSTEM-GEN-3 TELCO. What Is It Telecommunications Battery Monitoring with Patented Wireless Technology. CELLGUARD SYSTEM-GEN-3 TELCO provides 24/7/365, continuous critical power battery system monitoring specifically for Telecommunications applications. Key Benefits CELLGUARD SYSTEM-GEN-3 TELCO lowers total cost of ownership while providing the most thorough and easy to access stationary battery health diagnostics

Learn more about UPS Maintenance

UPS maintenance is a service that can often be ignored or overlooked, in this article we will explain three important points on the need for UPS maintenance. Identifying Battery Failure Battery failure is a common cause of UPS faults. As part of any routine UPS maintenance visit, a battery inspection should be completed. The results of a

Product Focus: Midtronics Stationary Power CELLTRON ADVANTAGE

Introducing the Midtronics Stationary Power CELLTRON ADVANTAGE (CAD) battery tester. What Is It The CELLTRON ADVANTAGE is a user-customisable, flexible, efficient and economical battery management tool for service providers, operations, and maintenance teams. Battery management and testing are critical for maintaining power integrity for telecom networks, data centers, utility transmission and distribution systems.  The demand placed on standby