Why Your Business Needs an Uninterruptible Power Supply

August 22, 2022
August 22, 2022 bclpower

An Uninterruptible Power Supply could mean the difference between your business continuing operations normally and allowing your business to keep running regardless of power problems or outages. Here, we explain what a UPS System is and why it provides your business with crucial protection.

What Is an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a vital battery backup system that supplies power when it is needed, and most importantly conditions the power continuously.

If there’s a power problem or outage, an Uninterruptible Power Supply will provide a reliable supply of emergency power. It also provides surge protection against power fluctuations that can damage mains-powered devices. A UPS System safeguards your business-critical equipment, infrastructure, and operating systems.

UPS Power Supplies are a crucial part of any business contingency plan. They give you the security of knowing that your company will remain productive and your data secure in the event of a power failure. They also allow you to protect your business systems and power them down safely, which can help to extend their lifespan.

What Sort of Business Needs a UPS System?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a must for any business with mains-powered equipment or servers. In the event of a power loss, a good UPS System will safeguard all your important business applications.

Keep Vital Communications Up and Running

Whatever type of business you’re in, you need to be able to communicate with your staff and customers. A UPS System keeps your communication channels open allowing you to remain in contact with your co-workers and clients at all times.

Servers and Data Centres

If you handle data, your servers are at the heart of your business and a UPS can keep them online and protected. When a power outage occurs, the UPS system will kick in automatically so that your files are protected, and you can safely shut down or transfer your operation.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies rely on power to keep everything running. A power outage could slow down production and cause serious damage to equipment and machinery. A UPS System enables you to deal with any power issues quickly and safely.

Food Production and Processing

If you run a business where foods need to be kept cool or frozen, a power outage could cause you to lose a lot of stock—and that’s costly. A UPS essentially allows you to protect your stock and productivity from any sort of power problem.

Emergency Services

No sector depends more on reliable, secure communications than emergency services. Our proven UPS and battery systems can keep things running in life-threatening and hazardous situations.

BCL Power for First-Rate UPS Solutions

At BCL Power, we provide UPS systems for organisations of all types, from small and medium-sized businesses to large data centres and arenas. Here are just some of the industries we help with reliable UPS solutions:

  • Financial institutions
  • Emergency services
  • Retail companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Arenas and venues
  • Industrial businesses
  • Public sector organisations

When you’re looking for a suitable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), you need to be sure that it has the capacity and run time to meet your needs. That’s where we come in. Our trusted team would be happy to advise.

UPS Systems to Meet All Your Business Needs

There are many different types of UPS systems, from smaller ones that supply power for just one or two computers to large systems that can power an entire data centre. We offer a comprehensive range of UPS and battery backup products at competitive prices.

For stationary battery and battery testing needs, we are proud to partner with world-renowned brands like Yuasa, EnerSys, CSB, and Franklin Electric Grid Solutions. We also supply innovative power products from well-known companies like Eltek, Riello UPS, APC by Schneider Electric, Eaton UPS, and Xtreme Power Conversion.

Give Us a Call Today!

If you need a cost-effective UPS System, just give us a call. Our expert team will be happy to help.

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