UPS System Health Check

September 30, 2021 James Abbey

UPS System Health Check

BCL Power provides UPS system health checks to ensure that your UPS Systems, emergency standby equipment and backup batteries are regularly maintained. This is vital to ensure the integrity of supported equipment should a main power failure occur.

UPS System Health Check

Our UPS System Health Check combines detailed findings with recommendations from our highly qualified technicians. The inspection will highlight the condition of the following:

  • UPS System condition
  • Capacitors and components
  • UPS batteries
  • Firmware and software logs
  • Environmental and lifecycle management information

The findings are then compiled in an easy to view layout, the report is the perfect overview of the UPS System.

“Battery failure is the cause of 50 to 70 percent of UPS outages.”

Uninterruptible Power Systems and stationary batteries need to be regularly tested to determine their state of health. They also need to be housed in a clean, cool, dust free environment to enable them to fulfil their recommended design life.

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  1. How to check your UPS battery health?
    • Maintain your UPS batteries and enclosures by performing regular visual inspections. Make sure to look closely for any corrosion or damage, both to the batteries and to the insulation, when you perform an inspection.
  2. How can I improve my UPS battery Health?
    • Your UPS device should be installed and maintained in a cool, dry space and battery discharge should not exceed 48 hours.
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