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May 18, 2020
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May 18, 2020 bclpower

Many jobs are now being performed from home, allowing a large proportion of office-based workers to continue operation without necessarily needing a dedicated office space.

However, without power this would not be possible. We are only capable of home working thanks to the internet, which, when the power goes down, is impossible to access. Therefore, it is essential that key servers are backed up with UPS protection to ensure constant operation, as well as filter out any power surges that could damage the server and create even more problems. Moreover, our routers and other ways we access the internet are also vulnerable to power outages, and without UPS protection, could prevent important work getting done online.

On the 7thof April 2020, Milton Keynes, more specifically the MK5 postcode (where BCL Power is situated), fell to power outages due to a high voltage incident on the national grid. Thankfully we were alerted to this when our UPS went online, and of course our office staff are now working from home anyway, so no damage was done. Nonetheless, UPS protection is critical as servers for home based work are now more crucial than ever.

If you would like to check power cuts in your local area, you can use the following links:

Western Power: Click here

UK Power Network: Click here

SSEN: Click here

SP Energy Networks: Click here

Northern Power Grid: Click here

ENWL: Click here





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