Sourcing a new UPS system? How BCL can help!

January 22, 2020
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January 22, 2020 bclpower

Are you looking to source a new UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

In such a competitive market, it is difficult to know which brand, model and size of UPS you require. With over 25 years of experience, BCL Power are experts in calculating exactly which UPS you need. This is often done through a site survey, where an engineer will gather all of the necessary information (load requirements, available feeds, space, access etc) and then create a solution which will give you the desired runtime, with an installation date and time that suits you.


Once the site survey has been conducted, it is sent across to our office for the sales team to recommend the necessary equipment as well as any additional accessories required. These accessories include; network and environmental management cards, bypass switches and a variety of software. Kit can then either be delivered to site ready for an engineer to install, or come to BCL HQ where an engineer will pick up the equipment before heading to site.



After specifying the perfect solution for your standby power issues, obtaining the equipment and ensuring the kit has arrived to site safely and on time, one of our highly trained engineers will take care of the installation, and removal of old kit if needed. We take pride in the fact that no job is too small, whether it is a 750VA UPS system operating under a desk, to a large scale data centre network solution, BCL Power will always provide a safe and professional installation.

From our punctuality to listening to customers’ needs, and the willingness to go that extra mile, you know you’re in good hands when a BCL Power engineer is on site.



Whether it’s a UPS we installed last year, or an old system you have been left to worry about, BCL Power are happy to offer maintenance plans to suit your bespoke requirements. Our maintenance plans can be tailored to your exact needs, meaning there’s always a plan to suit you and your UPS system. One key aspect of our maintenance programs is our use of battery conductance testing, using the Franklin Electric Grid Solutions Celltron Advantage, which utilising cutting edge technology, allows us to accurately determine the health of batteries.



BCL Power are a company that proudly believes in helping each other out, from customer to competitor. That is why we offer our services 24/7/365 – so if you have a critical system letting you down, you can rely on BCL Power to provide effective support, from a phone call offering simple advice to an emergency call out in the middle of the night. Whatever help you need, you can rely on a quick, robust and professional solution from BCL Power.


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