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April 23, 2020
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April 23, 2020 bclpower
Enterprise Battery Asset Management

As power reliability becomes more critical to telecommunications, data management, utility and other industries, management of batteries grows in complexity and importance. Uptime is a requirement; zero downtime is critical. CELLTRAQ SYSTEM addresses the growing importance of 24/7/365 operation and simplifies the process of battery maintenance and management.

Application compatibility:
  • Telecom & DC Plants online
  • All UPS applications
  • Solar Energy
  • Utility switchgear & communications systems
  • Battery voltages down to 1 volt
  • Makes compliance with the new NERC standard PRC-005 quick and easy

Visibility of key system parameters is needed to ensure reliability. Among those key parameters is backup battery state-of-health. An often forgotten element, the backup battery is a critical component of the standby power system. Without the proper view of its characteristics, the battery can fail without warning. CELLTRAQ collects battery measurements generated by CELLGUARD wireless battery monitoring system or CELLTRON battery analyzers to a central location allowing for:

  • Simplification of the testing & monitoring data collection processes
  • Effective analysis of battery assets by facility personnel
  • Efficient process management, including budget management of scheduled battery replacement

Key features of Celltraq Enterprise:

  • Server based architecture
  • Centralized data storage, data access and management
  • Review of information & safeguarded historical data
  • Instant indication of battery asset conditions
  • System-derived notification of battery faults in real time
  • Suggested corrective actions for technicians
  • Automated reports delivered via email
  • Corrective action and audit trail record keeping
  • Graphical representation of battery system trends
  • Centralized repository of battery information
  • Displays and produces formatted reports
  • Measurements are captured, recorded and time-stamped
  • SNMP Trap Notification
  • Automated PDF system reports

Find out more about Celltraq here or contact us for pricing.

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