New Celltron Advantage Firmware

July 20, 2018
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July 20, 2018 bclpower

Calling all Midtronics Stationary Power Celltron Advantage (CAD) users, new firmware is now available!

To ensure your tester is up to date, please click here.

Celltron Advantage Firmware:

Current Version Rev. H
Posted 6/13/18


  • Added ability to scan/display battery temperature
  • Added ability to edit battery temperature
  • Enhanced Temperature capture test flow for each battery
  • Added 18V battery testing capability
  • Added warning buzzer when measured values are outside set thresholds
  • Added warning buzzer when measured conductance is zero
  • Added German language updates
  • Added display of Vinculum Firmware to version screen


  • Corrected import function to allow import of CDI files containing small system hierarchies
  • Corrected USB initialization message displayed during Export/Import
  • Corrected export function for a selection of one string
  • Corrected display of strap resistance value when value is greater than 999µΩ
  • Corrected internal battery pack voltage thresholds to denote low internal battery prior to conductance testing and during power on.
  • Corrected numeric scrolling function
  • Corrected DMM DC voltage threshold for over voltage
  • Corrected Expansion Module display

It’s important to keep your CAD tester up to date with the latest firmware, if you have any questions please contact us.

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