Midtronics Stationary Power joins Franklin Electric

July 20, 2018
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July 20, 2018 bclpower

Midtronics Stationary Power has been acquired by Franklin Electric, see the following article for full details:

‘Franklin Electric Co., Inc. announced today that it has completed the purchase of the assets of Midtronics Stationary Power Division (SPD), an Illinois corporation, specializing in designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of stationary battery testing and monitoring equipment used for a variety of industries including telecom, data center, and electric utilities. Midtronics SPD products will now be sold through Franklin Grid Solutions, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Electric.

Travis Wood, former VP of Franklin Grid Solutions, has moved over to Franklin’s Water division as President, Franklin Control Systems. Travis commented: “The acquisition of the Midtronics SPD division will not only allow us to offer more fully integrated solutions for our power and utility customers, it complements our long-term strategy of expanding into adjacent, high growth markets such as the Data Center, UPS and Telecom sectors where Midtronics SPD is a well-established and recognized leader.”

Franklin Grid Solutions LLC specializes in advanced remote monitoring solutions for high voltage circuit breakers in substations, load tap changers found on large power transformers, distribution transformers, overhead and underground distribution lines, and other hard-to-reach assets.’

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