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April 15, 2020
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April 15, 2020 bclpower

Earlier this year, BCL power were approached by a longstanding customer of ours, who needed some assistance with an old UPS system on one of their sites. That site happened to be the head office of a well-respected solicitors firm based in Luton.

We first conducted a site survey, allowing us to help the customer identify the exact issues surrounding their UPS system. The first thing we noticed was the Advanced Galatrek logo, which for one of our engineers was a bit of a throwback. This told us the age of the unit and we knew it was best to offer a replacement. The next tell-tale sign of UPS failure was the eggy smell (hydrogen sulphide) being emitted from the unit, something our team at BCL Power are all too familiar with, and we recommended at the very least a full battery swap was necessary for this UPS.

Once we had completed our site survey, we returned to our office in Milton Keynes where we set about specifying the correct replacement (the client decided it was best to install a new system based on the age of their existing UPS) to offer the desired runtime and be cost effective. After quoting for the supply and install of a replacement UPS, we offered a date for the works that best suited our customer. They also made the decision to take out one of our maintenance contracts, which always offers a PowerCare report with annual preventative maintenance visit, including battery testing, from our standard to premium plans.

On the day of the install we sent 2 engineers, who arrived on site at 9am as requested by the client. The job was completed professionally and successfully, with the UPS up and running before lunchtime. BCL Power also took care of the safe and secure disposal of the old unit, along with its batteries, allowing our customer to enjoy total peace of mind.

Since the install we have had no issues with that system, but if there were any teething problems BCL Power would be more than happy to offer support, whether that be over the phone or having an engineer visit site.

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