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September 2, 2020
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September 2, 2020 bclpower

Working with our UK reseller Acutest this year, we have together provided new Celltron Advantage battery testers and training to a UK DNO (Distribution Network Operator). Making the switch to new battery testers for a maintenance team is not a regular change, meaning a number of factors are considered by the client when changing.

Who is the client and what are their battery testing responsibilities?

The client is a UK based DNO that have a dedicated team of maintenance engineers. It is the responsibility of these engineers to perform ongoing inspections, testing and repairs to a number of areas. One of these areas is standby batteries, designed to provide power in the event of a mains supply failure.

What was the client using before?

For the task of battery testing and maintenance the DNO engineers were using an old model of Midtronics Stationary Power (MSP) tester, meaning the switch to Franklin Electric Grid Solutions, who acquired MSP in 2018 was a seamless one in terms of battery test technology.

Which tester would be best for their needs?

The Franklin Electric Grid Solutions Celltron Advantage model (CAD) was the clear and obvious choice for the client, it is capable of testing all battery sizes within their estate and had functionality that would make their maintenance tests going forwards easier and more comprehensive. With the ability to store site data in the tester as well as battery information, the CAD is perfect for teams managing batteries over a number of locations. Whilst still offering the same printing option for data export that the client required, the Celltron Advantage was the perfect solution.

Working with the customer, we tailored the in tester battery library to suit their estate and fine-tuned this with them after delivery had been taken to make sure it best represented the batteries they have in their scope of maintenance.

Why were they looking to change?

The client was looking to change because of the age of their previous testers. Tester capabilities and functionality has improved greatly on the new Franklin Electric Grid Solutions Celltron Advantage testers in comparison and these advancements were of great appeal to the user.

When was the client hoping to change testers and did they need training or product support?

Once the client had decided that switching to the Celltron Advantage tester was right for them, they were hopeful of getting equipment to them as soon as possible. As European distributors and stock holders of these units, we shipped the unit to our reseller Acutest who in turn forwarded this on to the end user. A prompt turn around for the client.

Due to the significant changes between their old and new testers we provided training to them at their premises to ensure that all engineers were happy and competent with the new CAD units. With COVID social distancing regulations in mind, we were able to offer a training session as part of a small group with adequate distance and measures adhered to throughout.

The training was a resounding success for all parties involved. The client was left happy that their team were confident with the new units, and Acutest and ourselves were delighted to see another client satisfied with the supply and after sales care that had been provided.

Overall this was a successful project that left our client with new units and ongoing support. Since this the client has in fact ordered more units for the rest of their team and another training session will be offered to these engineers too. Should you wish to enquire about a free trial or demonstration of the Franklin Electric Grid Solutions Celltron Advantage testers please contact Lewis Gulliver by email lewis@bclpower.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you with your requirements.

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