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UPS and Battery Installations

How would a power outage affect my business?

What do I need to protect?

How will a UPS system and batteries arrive at my site?

How do I install the UPS battery replacement?

How do I maintain a UPS system?

These are just some of the questions that we encounter from customers looking to install new UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems or replace end of life units. UPS installations and battery replacements can sometimes feel like a challenge and unforeseen issues can often creep up on companies who have been given the task to install or replace their UPS system. Specialising in UPS installation, BCL Power offer a professional, personalised service that covers every aspect, no matter how small.

Choosing Your Solution

The first step in this process is a non-intrusive site survey, enabling us to identify exactly what is required and what needs to be supported, available space, environmental assessment and access to the location. With the results of our survey, we work with our clients to find the ideal solution for their needs. Whether it is a single phase rack mounted UPS system or a large three phase industrial UPS, we apply the same level of detail and preparation into every solution we propose.


After finding your perfect solution, BCL Power will ensure a seamless delivery to site of your new system. Once our competent and qualified engineers have completed all necessary safety checks, the install will begin and once complete be fully commissioned. BCL Power are proud to offer installation services at any time to suit your needs- inside or out of working hours and at weekends. Furthermore, our complete end to end service includes the safe removal and disposal of any old system in place, giving you peace of mind that any hazardous waste is taken care of legally and professionally.

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