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Specialising in (Uninterruptible Power Supply) UPS installation, BCL Power offer a professional, personalised service that covers every aspect of a UPS install.

Having a UPS system installed can sometimes feel like a challenging situation. Where can I source a unit? How will it get delivered to me? How do I install it? How do I maintain it?

These are just some the questions that we encounter from customers looking to install new UPS systems. As these questions appeared, it gave us the idea to create an end-to-end solution to take care of the issues that often creep up on IT managers who have this task.

UPS installation services


The first step in this process is a non intrusive site survey, this enables us to identify exactly what kit needs to be supported, available space and an environmental assessment of the location of install. This enables us to then quote the exact system requirement and installation needs, and for any additional parts that may be necessary.

UPS survey

Choosing Your Solution

With the results of our survey and our expert recommendations, we work with our clients to find the ideal solution for their needs. Whether it is a small UPS system or a large unit, we apply the same level of detail and preparation into every solution we propose.

Choosing a UPS System


The next step is installation, which is arranged at a time to suit the customer (24/7 throughout the UK and Ireland), we even bring the UPS to site with us, meaning you can relax.

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Finally we finish with the commissioning of the unit and the sign off of the install from one of BCL Power’s UPS technicians. We offer the best quality customer service with our UPS installation, this ensures that our customers are happy with their new UPS solution.

UPS commissioning service

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