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APC UPS by Schneider Electric is the industry-standard for reliable power and physical IT infrastructure and is a leading name in IT departments large and small.

Started in 1981, American Power Conversion Corporation (APC) has grown to be a leading brand of Schneider Electric after many years of innovation. In 2007, APC was acquired by Schneider Electric, who are recognized globally for their expertise in automation systems and energy management. Providing battery backup systems that safeguard against outages at home, to full-scale Data Center infrastructure, APC smart UPS products can help your home or business become more efficient, reliable, and connected.

Through BCL Power you can now gain access to APC UPS by Schneider Electric’s entire integrated solutions platform, consisting of scalable power & cooling, power distribution and innovative monitoring & management software.

We offer Uninterruptible Power Supply, installations, and battery replacement services of APC UPS systems. We specialise in:

  • UPS Systems

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